About Me

  • They say that nothing worth doing is easy. Like every one of us, I’ve had my bumps in the road. But if you ask me, I’ll always tell you that I wouldn’t change a thing. Why? Because throughout my journey I’ve honed my skills and proven that my services get results in the real world. So today, you can benefit from my years of experience. 

  • My name is Paul Tran, I am 33 years old from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My parents are Vietnamese immigrants who escaped the war in 1981. I am 1 of 5 kids, and 1 of 12 first cousins. We all feel super blessed to have come from such a hard working family. I enjoy playing basketball, working out, watching sports, and designing custom cars. In 2014 I earned my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Widener University. Then in 2016 I moved to Los Angeles, California to start the next chapter of my life! 

  • In early 2020, Covid-19 affected millions of people worldwide and unfortunately I was one of them. I was on the verge of getting laid off and had a difficult time securing a job. It was a combination of that and also treating multiple patients per hour, which drove me to venture out independently.  I would spend only about 15 minutes with each patient and the other time on the computer trying to convince insurance companies to pay us.  It was also challenging to track patient progress and develop any meaningful relationships, because patients would be passed around to different therapists. 

  • So in August 2020, I turned my Instagram page to a professional PT page and developed the Kinesio Stretch Therapy treatment. Since then, I have grown both personally and professionally and it is has changed my perspective about physical therapy and treating patients. It turned into more of a passion than just a regular 9-5 job, especially when it came to patients feeling MUCH better after the treatment sessions.

  • Just recently we have opened up a small clinic in the heart of Koreatown, Los Angeles and I am both excited and hopeful for the future. From watching something grow from my tiny living room condo to an actual studio still doesn’t seem real! I would just like to thank all my patients, past, future, and present for believing in my work and what we can achieve as physical therapists.