Dr. Paul Tran, PT, DPT

I developed the Myofascial Stretch Therapy treatment based on years of experience and practice. This type of treatment helps realign postural imbalances from the feet all the way up to your neck and shoulders.  This unique therapy is a combination of stretching and myofascial body work to "reset" your postural alignment. I also include exercise prescription and pain management depending on your type of injury. 

The initial Consultation is comprised of performing special tests and a full body postural assessment to determine a medical diagnosis. From there, a plan of care is developed and treatment starts the same day. Typically the treatment includes some form of manual stretching, myofascial release, therapeutic exercise, and pain management. A home exercise program is then prescribed and you have the option of either continuing them at home and/or scheduling for another session!

The benefits of the myofascial stretch therapy treatment include injury prevention, postural correction, pain management, increased mobility, and improved sport/exercise performance.  These benefits are meant to help LONG term. I sometimes recommend getting bi-weekly or monthly "tune ups" to follow your progression and making sure you on the right track!